Navigating Type 1 Diabetes Care:NHS Unveiling a New Decision Support Tool

NHS England has introduced a novel tool to assist individuals with type 1 diabetes in comprehending the available options within the NHS. Professor Partha Kar unveiled the decision support tool, crafted to empower people in understanding the NHS offerings.

This tool serves as a valuable resource, facilitating discussions between individuals managing type 1 diabetes and their healthcare professionals. It aids in navigating eligible care steps and collaboratively deciding on the most appropriate approach to managing type 1 diabetes.

Aligned with the latest NICE guidelines (NG17, NG18, TA943), the tool provides insights into technology accessibility within the NHS, acknowledging potential variations in access due to factors such as deprivation or ethnicity.

In addressing the observed disparities in pregnancy data sets related to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and Libre among individuals with type 1 diabetes, both national and local NHS diabetes teams are actively working to narrow the gap.

To enhance accessibility and uptake, the tool will be accessible in multiple languages, thereby expanding on the existing peer support initiatives for type 1 diabetes led by NHS England.

As part of the CORE20PLUS5 approach to diminish health inequalities, NHS England is placing a specific focus on type 1 diabetes in children and young people. Despite progress, ensuring access to insulin pumps remains crucial, especially for children and young people in the most deprived areas and from ethnic minority backgrounds.