MaxBio+ Announces Revolutionary Insulin Spray to Replace Needles


Max Bio+, a UK-based company focused on research and development, has announced a major breakthrough in the field of diabetes management. The company has developed a novel insulin spray that could eliminate the need for needles, which is a major advancement for patients who require frequent insulin injections. This non-invasive insulin delivery system utilizes buccal methods, which offer several benefits over current invasive systems of insulin delivery.

The incidence of diabetes is increasing rapidly, and there is a need for alternative insulin delivery methods. Max Bio+ has conducted all of its research and development in the UK, where it has been investigating the use of water-soluble nanoparticles to improve drug absorption. This technology has been applied to the development of an insulin spray for buccal/sublingual administration, which has shown promising results as a controllable, portable and pain-free insulin delivery system.

Despite recent advancements in diabetes management, the devices on the market are still invasive, inconvenient and challenging to use, especially for children or when delivering insulin to diabetic pets. Max Bio+ has been researching and developing novel delivery systems for a variety of beneficial drugs and supplements, with diabetes being a priority.

One of Max Bio+’s innovations is a technology that can create water-soluble composite nanoparticles that improve how medicines are absorbed by the body. Combining this research with the challenges in diabetes management, Max Bio+ prioritized investigating the development of an injection-free insulin delivery device.

The insulin spray is non-invasive, controllable, and portable, making it a more convenient option for patients who are constantly on the go. Its buccal method of insulin delivery eliminates the need for needles, which can be a significant source of pain, discomfort, and anxiety for patients. It also makes it easier for patients to adhere to their insulin regimen, leading to better overall health outcomes. Additionally, the insulin spray’s discreet and pain-free nature could reduce the stigma associated with diabetes management.

Max Bio+’s insulin spray is being tested and has shown promising results.

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