Language Matters


The words we choose to use when speaking about or to individuals with diabetes hold great significance, particularly when it comes to our friends or family. Furthermore, the language used by individuals living with diabetes to describe themselves can have a significant impact on their well-being.

Our choice of language when discussing diabetes can positively or negatively affect the physical and emotional state of individuals living with diabetes. Our words have the capability to make someone feel accepted, comprehended, and supported, or lead to feelings of misunderstanding, stigmatization, and marginalization.

There is evidence to suggest that the prevalent language used in media, healthcare, and communities can influence the motivation and empowerment of individuals with diabetes to manage their condition effectively.

This Diabetes Action Month, let’s transform the way we talk about diabetes. By modifying our language, we can enhance health outcomes and assist individuals with diabetes in managing their health effectively. The way individuals speak to themselves, also known as “self-talk”, plays a critical role in their emotions, feelings, and well-being.