“Essential Diabetes Care: Your Comprehensive Guide to Wellness”


Living with diabetes involves more than just monitoring blood sugar levels. It’s about receiving the right care to ensure your overall well-being. Diabetes UK has outlined 15 healthcare essentials that should be part of your routine diabetes care.(See here.) Let’s explore these essentials to empower you in managing your condition effectively.

  1. Blood Glucose Levels:
    Regular HbA1c blood tests, at least annually, provide a snapshot of your overall blood glucose control. Your target should be personalized, reflecting a collaborative decision between you and your diabetes care team.
  2. Blood Pressure:
    Annual blood pressure checks are crucial. Tailor your target to your specific needs and discuss it with your healthcare professionals.
  3. Blood Fats (Cholesterol):
    Yearly cholesterol tests help manage cardiovascular health. Establish realistic and achievable targets based on your unique situation.
  4. Eye Screenings:
    Protect your vision with yearly screenings for retinopathy using a specialized digital camera. Early detection can prevent complications.
  5. Leg and Feet Checks:
    Ensure your legs and feet are checked annually for skin, circulation, and nerve supply. Prompt referrals to a podiatrist or specialist foot clinic can address any potential complications.
  6. Kidney Function Monitoring:
    Biannual tests for kidneys, including urine and blood tests, are essential to identify possible complications early on.
  7. Weight Management:
    Regular weight checks, including waist measurements, provide insights into your overall health and help set goals for weight management.
  8. Smoking Cessation Support:
    If you smoke, seek advice and support to quit. Managing diabetes already increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, and quitting smoking further reduces these risks.
  9. Individualized Care Planning:
    Your voice matters in your diabetes care. Collaborate with your diabetes care team to create a personalized yearly care plan that aligns with your individual needs and goals.
  10. Diabetes Education:
    Participate in education courses, such as DAFNE, DESMOND, X-PERT, or DYFFD, to enhance your understanding and management of diabetes.
  11. Pediatric Care:
    Children and young people with diabetes should receive specialized care from pediatric healthcare professionals. Smooth transition planning ensures a seamless shift to adult health services.
  12. Hospital Care:
    Even during hospital stays unrelated to diabetes, expect high-quality care from specialist diabetes healthcare professionals.
  13. Pregnancy Support:
    If planning to have a baby, receive comprehensive care and support from specialists throughout the entire journey, from pre-conception to post-natal care.
  14. Specialist Healthcare Professionals:
    Depending on your needs, consult or get referrals to specialists such as ophthalmologists, podiatrists, or dietitians to manage different aspects of diabetes.
  15. Emotional and Psychological Support:
    Living with diabetes can be emotionally challenging. Access support from specialist healthcare professionals to address your concerns and maintain both physical and emotional well-being.

By prioritizing these 15 healthcare essentials, you can take charge of your diabetes care and ensure a happier, healthier life. If any aspect feels overlooked, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your dedicated diabetes care team for personalized solutions. Your well-being is at the heart of effective diabetes management.