Byetta (Exenatide)

Meet Byetta, your ally in managing type 2 diabetes! Byetta, also known by its generic name Exenatide, is an injectable wonder that effectively lowers blood sugar levels without causing unwanted weight gain.

Although it comes in the form of an injection, it’s important to note that Byetta isn’t insulin; rather, it belongs to the class of diabetic drugs known as incretin mimetics.

Byetta made history as the first-ever approved incretin mimetic drug for treating type 2 diabetes. Let’s delve into some key details about this game-changer:

About Byetta:

  • Trade Name: Byetta
  • Generic Name: Exenatide
  • Drug Class: GLP-1 receptor agonist (incretin mimetics)
  • Manufacturer: AstraZeneca

How Byetta Works:
Byetta pulls off its magic by boosting insulin secretion from the pancreas, taming the effects of glucagon (the sugar-raising hormone), and slowing down glucose absorption from the gut. This dynamic trio not only lowers blood sugar levels but also helps curb your appetite.

Who Benefits from Byetta:
Typically prescribed alongside other drugs, Byetta is for individuals with type 2 diabetes struggling to maintain stable blood glucose levels with metformin alone or in combination with other medications. Notably, it’s not prescribed for those with type 1 diabetes on the NHS.

Taking Byetta:
Administered through subcutaneous injection twice daily, Byetta is usually taken an hour before breakfast and dinner. The injections are commonly given in the thigh, abdomen, or upper arm.

Side Effects to Be Aware Of:
While Byetta works its wonders, it’s essential to be aware of potential side effects, including nausea, hypoglycemia, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, nervousness, stomach pain, lowered appetite, acid reflux, and sweating.

Is Exenatide Natural?
No, it’s not. Exenatide is a synthetic hormone designed to mimic the action of the naturally occurring hormone GLP-1. It has proven efficacy in helping patients achieve lower blood glucose levels.

Byetta – your partner in the journey to better manage type 2 diabetes!